Make a Girl Orgasm – A Step by Step Guide

It is a well known fact that men orgasm much faster and more regularly than women. Most men believe that it is hard to make a girl orgasm. Sad, but true. A study done recently showed that most men orgasm within the first two minutes of genital intercourse and only about one third of women actually orgasm at all during sex. Disheartening? It should be! However, if you know what to do and how to do it you will make her orgasm whenever you like! Now there’s a way to impress a girl!

Now lets get a few things straight. Sex is the ultimate way of connecting with someone, and should be treated as such. Women should be treated with care and respect, no matter how ‘animalistic’ sex can become. Also, you should begin to see sex as a way of pleasing each other, rather than getting yourself off. See your whole body as a tool for pleasing your lady, and you will reap the rewards of a fantastic sex life. Forget everything you have seen in porn movies. In fact, it is my opinion that watching porn can severely damage the way a man sees sex. It does not depict natural interactions and teaches men from an early age how not to behave in bed. It also desensitises you to the specialness of sex and can actually lead to dissatisfaction in the bedroom. Food for thought gentlemen.

So, lets begin. Firstly it is crucial to get a girl in the mood. A friend once told me that he likes to begin to build sexual tension during dinner in a restaurant. He drops hints as to what he would like to do to her later, and when dessert comes around he would take the opportunity to be as flirtatious as possible. You can imagine what happened when they finally got home. She was so hot she practically threw him onto the bed and tore off his clothes. The lesson behind this little story is to show you that women need warming up. Of course there are times when she will just get the urge right then, but generally speaking if sex is on the cards (and hey even if it wasn’t) then slowly building it up is a sure fire way of getting a girl turned on. She must be comfortable with you and your interaction should involve a lot of touching. Playfulness is a great way to get a girl to like you. Be playful and joke with her, stop walking suddenly and passionately kiss her and hold her like you will later on, then kiss her sweetly, look her in the eyes for moment and keep walking hand in hand. These are just a few tips that work wonders for me, but feel free to make your own up. Creativity goes a long way in this ‘step’.

I would just like to quickly say here that the use of the word ‘step’ should be read with the understanding that it is actually one big thing, not a step one, step two, step three thing. I use the ‘step’ guide to show you that there are stages to building her up and the real trick is to move through them slowly its like tracking slowly up a roller coaster with the express purpose of rushing down the other side in a wave of excitement.

After flirting and making playful suggestions you will find yourself kissing her. This is not a time to start wandering with your hands. Focus on the kiss. Kiss her like you never want to stop. Explore her mouth lightly with your tongue to give her a taste of what you will be doing later somewhere else. Kiss her neck, a very sensitive part of a woman’s body, and her ears. Be careful of kissing her neck too lightly or too heavily. Too lightly will tickle her, and although it is sometimes fun, it can turn her off if done too much. A firm tongue (watch the sloppiness) moved in circles in various places is in my experience the way to go. Take note of where she like it. You will know when she does. When kissing her ears lightly lick in and around with a poked tongue, and flick the tip into the middle of her ear. Not too much as this can be a super sensitive area. While there whisper something tantalizing in her ear. The power of a mans voice is well underutilized in this world. During this interaction it is fine to explore her body and if you feel so inclined and she is susceptible you may let your hands wander. However, don’t stick your hands down her pants just yet. If she wants it, make her wait a little. It won’t be long until your both in bed.

Now you are in bed and your hands are exploring each other much more passionately. The kissing has become stronger even fierce, and you are taking each others clothes off. But hold on buster. Take a moment. If she wants to undress you, that’s fine. But when you undress her take your time to kiss and touch the newly exposed places on her body. Slip her bra off her shoulders and kiss them. Undo the strap and run your fingers down her back. Let the bra fall and kiss her breasts all over. Kiss her lips again and press your chest against hers, moving slightly to arouse her. It is interesting to state here that studies have shown that over 90% of women reach orgasm when their partner spends 20 or so minutes on foreplay before oral sex or intercourse.

So now you are naked and really heated up. Here is how to go about making her orgasm. After kissing her lips, neck and ears for a while it time to move o the breasts. Start by kissing and licking around her breasts. Avoid the nipple to begin with. Really enjoy kissing and licking her here, as she will enjoy it more than you can imagine. The breasts contain nerve endings that are directly connected to the clitoris, which is why it common to see a girl involuntarily massage her own breasts when you are giving a girl oral sex. Now lick around the nipple with your tongue and feel it get hard. Use your hand to keep the other breast stimulated and lightly ‘roll’ the other nipple at the same time. Note I said lightly. Some women do like it harder, you just have to find out, or ask her.

Now the stomach. Kiss it a few times and move on. Seriously. I know a good stomach is like a red flag to a bull for some guys, but it contains little nerve endings for sexual pleasure. Don’t ignore it though. Use it as a ‘I’m getting closer’ moment.

Ok, now we are down there. Our kissing should move from the stomach around her vulva and onto her inner thighs. Yes she might be moaning and sighing and it is so tempting to just jump straight in, but you will only be creating more work for yourself. Think of this entire process as making the oral sex an absolute highlight. Women’s minds are so connected to whether or not they orgasm. If you jump straight into oral sex you will be doing it until she has sufficiently warmed up mentally as well and you will just frustrate her and yourself. So spend some time kissing and licking her inner thighs, and when moving from one to the other give a quick kiss to her vulva and lightly breath your hot breath on her. (note: never breathe INTO a woman, it can be dangerous)

So now she is super charged and you are beginning to give her oral sex. Use a wide flat tongue to begin with, Licking her entire vulva. Explore her entire vulva, outer and inner labia, and around the clitoris. Do not yet touch the clitoris though. The key is build up. French kiss her vulva and really use your tongue to explore her. Slowly flick your tongue inside her and around the opening to her vagina. Spend a little time on each area, and then move on. If she is really getting hot then you can move onto the clitoral area.

A woman’s clitoris is very sensitive. Be careful of stimulating it too much. The best advise I can give you is to use your tongue in a sweeping motion just above the clitoris over the clitoral shaft. It should feel like a hard little tube connecting the head of the clitoris and going under the clitoral hood. This part is very sensitive and feels great to a woman. After a time use your tongue to circle the clitoris directly. By moving your tongue in a circular motion you stimulate the clitoris and the surrounding area. Keep stimulating this area and vary your tongue movements. Around, up, down and across. Flicking faster the more she moans.

If you want to add to her orgasm you could gently use your finger to stimulate the first inch of her vaginal canal and her inner labia. Her G-Spot is a short way into her vagina on the front wall. Think behind the clitoris. To stimulate this coin sized are gently insert your middle or index finger and make a ‘come here’ motion on this area. By doing this you can give her a ‘double’ orgasm. I know it sucks guys, but girls get to have double and multiple orgasms.

When her clitoris begins to retreat under the hood she is nearly there. If you can’t tell whats going on then just keep doing what you are doing and she eventually will orgasm. If you can tell you have a choice. You can keep going and make her orgasm or you can quickly engage in genital intercourse and have the satisfaction of making her orgasm while you are inside her. It is really up to you, or her!

Men and Sex Toys

If the makers of family fortunes dared to say ‘sex toys’ as one of their word association questions – my guess is ‘vibrators’, ‘dildos’ and ‘the rabbit’ would be amongst people’s top answers. You might ask what these toys have in common. Well these today’s are all typically the choice toy of women, but it’s not just ladies who are enjoying the wonderful world of sex toys. There are hundreds of products on the market designed to suite men’s needs…

Male penis pumps first appeared on the market promising to enhance the length of your penis, and a number of penis extenders and pumps aim not only to enhance girth but also hardness. Some models like the male edge range work by traction to help extend and thicken your penis. Modern designs like this don’t need to be buried in the back of your closet, lightweight and in a stylish case this extender can be stored without embarrassment anywhere. Penis pumps are still a popular choice for men; the pumping action creates a vacuum in the cylinder causing plenty of blood to go rushing to the penis for an even more impressive member!

Men envying their partners rabbit can achieve similar pleasure with a male masturbator, these come in a range of forms but most commonly as a sleeve or penis tube. Most will be hand controlled and designed to look and feel like a vagina, bum or mouth. Penis tubes come with a number of different sleeves, some of which vibrates, whilst others even replicate your favourite porn stars. Choose a pink, flesh-like masturbator to make it feel like the real thing or if you enjoy watching yourself choose a model like the flashlight ice which is made of a more transparent material. For a true realistic feeling men can opt for cyber skin realistic replica’s of the real thing, for extra stimulation invest in one that vibrates for a better than real experience that will rival any woman’s rabbit.

For a true simulation of sex most men will enjoy playing with sex dolls, some have unrealistic features with inflatable bodies whilst others closely resemble the feel of a real woman for a more personal experience. Most will include up to three different holes depending on the model, but generally these life sized toys vary in price depending on the quality of the doll.

Cock rings came on the scene as the sex toy that promised to help men get a firmer and longer lasting erection. Improvements in design means the cock rings available today still do this but now also please both parties, not just the wearer. Vibrating cock rings help turn your penis into your very own vibrator, and depending on style most cock rings are now designed with jelly or latex nodules to help stimulate both man and woman. A perfect toy to help couples enhance their sex life!

Male toys that stimulate the man’s prostate gland may be popular amongst gay couples but are becoming popular in heterosexual relationships, if a woman can enjoy her vibrator in front of her man as part of foreplay why shouldn’t a man get the fun of having his g-spot hit?! Prostate stimulators come in several forms; male vibrators, butt plugs or anal dildo’s. Search the marker to discover what makes you most hot under the collar. Anal toys used alone or with a partner will make for a mind blowing orgasm.

The Stages of Pornography Addiction

First of all, I will explain the difference between sex addiction and porn addiction as the 2 are very different.

Dr Patrick Carnes was the first person to coin the phrase “sex addict” in his 1983 book “Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction”. Then in the first landmark study of sex addicts and their families in the 1980s (summarised in Carne’s 1991 book “Don’t Call it Love: Recovery From Sexual Addiction” documenting his work with 1000 sex addicts) Dr Carnes found that those who were neglected, abused, molested or raped as children or who were otherwise exposed to violence and/ or sexually inappropriate behavior at a young age are those most at risk for developing sex addiction. Dr Carnes concluded that sex addicts use sex as a way to self medicate and to numb their psychological pain.

Sex is therefore their PRIMARY drug NOT pornography although pornography is often a huge factor in sex addiction with Dr Carnes reporting that 90% of the men and 77% of the women in his study saying pornography was significant to their addictions. The late Dr Victor Cline too – another expert in sex addiction who treated hundreds of men afflicted with sexual addictions/ sexual compulsions – found that in 94% of the cases he came across, pornography was a contributing factor or direct causal agent in the acquiring of what he called “sexual illnesses.

Pornography addiction on the other hand is a whole different addiction which is present with or without childhood trauma and can lead to escalating sexual behaviors and does as the addiction escalates but this does not make them sex addicts. Porn addiction is a separate addiction in its own right and not a sub set of sex addiction.

The two addictions are very different and need to be treated differently.

Pornography addicts are not hooked on sex. They are hooked on masturbating to virtual people – pixels and not humans in the flesh as those addicted to sex are. Often those addicted to porn end up finding it impossible to get aroused or even develop an erection with real live people and/ or are increasingly found to be virgins and can only become aroused with virtual people.

It can get complicated though to know where one addiction ends and the other begins as nothing in life is that absolute but in the main sex addicts usually have childhood trauma somewhere and sex is their primary addiction and porn addicts are less likely to have childhood trauma as compared to those addicted to sex and masturbating to pornography is their primary addiction.



Children are exposed to pornography at a young age and this is nearly always sooner or later accompanied by masturbation as the addiction gets a foot in the door. Pre-Internet, addicts usually found an adult’s “porn stash” (usually their Fathers and usually Playboys) between the ages of about 7 and 13 years but in our post Internet age, children are being exposed from many more places in our mainstream entertainment including music videos and video games – which is often “soft core porn” in nature. It is impossible to estimate at what ages children are being exposed in today’s high speed Internet age – and to what extent – as this is all still playing itself out as our Internet age settles into our culture…


Masturbating to pornography becomes a regular part of life. Addiction has occurred. A person keeps coming back to porn and has to regularly masturbate to it. They’re hooked and can’t get through life without it. They will use it as a pain reliever for coping with life just as an alcoholic uses alcohol to cope with their life.

Dr Norman Doidge – in his book “The Brain Which Changes Itself” – where he discusses how our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains due to a process called “neuroplasticity” says: “Pornographers promise healthy pleasure and relief from sexual tension but what they often deliver is addiction, tolerance and an eventual decrease in pleasure. Paradoxically, the male patients I worked with often craved pornography but didn’t like it. The usual view is that an addict goes back for more of their fix because they like the pleasure it gives and doesn’t like the pain of withdrawal. But addicts take drugs when there is no prospect of pleasure, when they know they have an insufficient dose to make them high and will crave more before they begin to withdraw. Wanting and liking are two different things.”

Dr Doidge explains that “addicts experience cravings because their ‘plastic brain’ (related to neuroplasticity) has become sensitized to the drug or the experience. Sensitization leads to increased wanting.” Or in other words: addicts need more and more of the drug to get the same effect. Porn addicts end up building up a tolerance to the content and soon need harder, more violent, graphic and twisted content to get the same effect just as an alcoholic needs stronger and more frequent alcohol to get the same effect as their addiction escalates.


Due to the addict’s need for harder and harder pornography, their addiction deepens and escalates. What porn worked once at getting them fully aroused enough to genitally orgasm now doesn’t even touch the sides and they have to keep upping the ante to even more dangerous and risqué images and videos including scenes involving children and animals. The things addicts end up viewing are usually things they would once have found abhorrent. With the onset of the Internet age, an addict can see more psychologically damaging sexual images in one bender session that their ancestors would have saw in a couple of lifetimes.

It is during this stage too that addicts will also begin having webcam sex, calling sex hotlines and/ or engaging in other types of virtual sex.


Addicts are now so used to viewing brutal, grotesque and twisted pornography that they become desensitized to it and end up needing even more brutal, grotesque and twisted pornography to keep being surprised enough to develop sufficient arousal to be able to keep masturbating to full genital orgasms. Within that process, they become dehumanized and less and less able to feel empathy – both for performers and/ or animals in porn scenes and those who they are intimately involved with in their personal lives. Part of them shuts off and they become cold and indifferent to the suffering of those they love and the suffering of those on the screens they are viewing. They become dehumanized in the process.

Dr Victor Cline explains that “A frequent side effect (of regularly masturbating to porn) is that it also dramatically reduces (the person’s) capacity to love. Their sexual side becomes – in a sense – dehumanized. Many of them develop an alien ego state (or dark side), whose core is anti-social lust devoid of most values.” In time, the ‘high’ obtained from masturbating to porn becomes more important than real-life relationships. It makes no difference if one is an eminent physician, attorney, minister, athlete, corporate executive, college president, unskilled labourer or an average 15 year old boy. All can be conditioned into deviancy. In my experience as a sexual therapist, any individual who regularly masturbates to pornography is at risk of becoming, in time, a sexual addict, as well as conditioning himself into having a sexual deviancy and/or disturbing a bonded relationship with a spouse or girlfriend.”

Dr Cline continues “The process of masturbatory conditioning is inexorable and does not spontaneously remiss. The course of this illness may be slow and is nearly always hidden from view. It is usually a secret part of the man’s life, and like a cancer, it keeps growing and spreading. It rarely ever reverses itself, and it is also very difficult to treat and heal. Denial on the part of the male addict and refusal to confront the problem are typical and predictable, and this almost always leads to marital or couple disharmony, sometimes divorce and sometimes the breaking up of other intimate relationships”


In the end, even the most extreme, twisted, violent, grotesque and risqué porn will not be enough to do the trick and the addict will have to start acting out sexually. This may include encouraging an intimate partner to engage in more extreme sexual fantasy behavior; exhibitionism like posting explicit and out of character videos of themselves on Tube sites; inappropriate sexting; infidelity; obscene phone calls; advertising for sex online or offline; inappropriately touching family members of all ages depending upon what kind of porn they have been watching during benders; soliciting prostitutes (and often of the type that is not that person’s sexuality so a straight person may hire a gay or shemale prostitute for example and a gay addict may hire a prostitute of the opposite sex); stalking; sexual abuse of an animal; sexual violence including rape; exposing themselves and even pedophilia when that person is more often but not even a pedophile. Their acting out behavior will more often than not – be related to what porn they have been exposed to and what that porn has encouraged them to fantasize about.

Premature Ejaculation Cures – Here Are the Secrets That Male Porn Stars Don’t Want You to Know!

Do you really think that male porn stars are some kind of superhuman sex gods? You might be surprised to hear that they actually aren’t, and they suffer from the same problems as you and me on a regular basis. In fact, the secret to becoming great in bed and giving any woman hours of pleasure is not to become some kind of stone cold assassin, who mechanically goes about his job of sticking it in for a few hours at a time. It’s okay for you to be a real person with real problems. These things affect us all. You will be pleased to know that there are many premature ejaculation cures that can benefit you right now. Read on to find out more…

Before we move on to the tips, here are a few statistics that will give you a better understanding of the whole male ejaculation problem. You might be surprised to hear that most men have trouble holding their ejaculation time beyond 2 minutes, and that 4 in 10 men have trouble even lasting that long. If this describes your current situation then don’t fret, as there are things you can do that will help you out no end, and get you on the road to a more satisfying sex life in no time at all. Here are 3 tips that will improve your stamina when the time comes, instead of being a one minute wonder. Let’s take a look…

Try Some Extra Lube

Using extra lubrication can actually help you slow down your ejaculation so that you can last longer in bed. Why is this so? Well, there will be a lot less friction between the penis and vagina, which really tones down the sensations that often cause you to blow your load prematurely. Getting a tube of lube will be a great investment, and will serve you for many years to come.

Condoms – Not only for Your Protection

You should always practice safe sex by slipping on a condom, but were you aware that using a condom can also help you to increase performance and last longer during sex? It does this by reducing the sensations that drives you crazy, which in turn helps you to last longer. There are also special kinds of condoms available in lots of stores and on the internet, that are designed to give you better climax control. If you try some of these out, then your sexual stamina will go through the roof!

Make Sure She comes First

One of the frustrating things about premature ejaculation is that a guy will blow his load before the woman has had a chance to reach orgasm. A solution to this problem is to make her climax sooner, so that your own climax is not as important. In order to achieve this you should make an effort to really focus on the foreplay aspect of sex. Learn some really great oral skills, and you will have her screaming the house down before you even get undressed.

Ease the Tension – Relax your PC Muscle

The PC muscle controls your “ejaculatory reflex”. If you work at relieving the tension in this area, sex will be longer lasting and a whole lot more satisfying for you and your lady.

During sex you should practice remaining completely calm, as you get practice you might wish to try the “keep it in” method, which requires you to contract these muscles just before cumming. Nevertheless, if you’re just a newbie then focus entirely on relaxing rather than the far more complicated “keep it in” method.

How to Make a Dud Relationship More Sexually Fulfilling: A Guide for Women

You want more intimacy and caressing; he wants that porn-star he watched last night on HBO. How can you reconcile two distinct sexual desires in one bedroom?

For months, I used to yell at my lover for not being attentive to my sexual yens. I’d shriek, “Our sex life is too predictable and… foreplay, you don’t even know what that is anymore.”

Realizing that perpetual bitching did zilch for my carnal yearnings, I turned to the most libelous of places- Hollywood- for help.

“What’s Hollywood got to do with sex,” you snort? Everything. See, whether we admit it to ourselves or not, those tear-jerking chick-flicks that paint love and everlasting sex as the ideal scenario have lasting effects on impressionable, not to mention temperamental women like us.

Hollywood presents the good sex-life and sometimes, you want a taste of that good sex life don’t you? I used to blame my lover for not doing his part to make sweltering sex and multi-orgasms a reality for me.

Now I’ve realized that if I want more than the five-minute bed work over that my lover likes to call “doing it”, I have to be somewhat of an actress myself.

In short, I give my lover what he wants- a new mysterious lover that he’s never met- and I get what I want- hot, tantalizing love-making that lasts way more than five minutes with lots of foreplay.

How can you get in on this type of action? It’s easy when you use your imagination and follow the principles of giving a little in order to get a lot.

Here’s my recipe for turning my bedroom into a love den.

1. Create your sexual fantasy

2. Become the star of your sexual fantasy

3. Play out this sexual fantasy for your lover

1. Creating your sexual fantasy

If you watch the daily soaps, creating your sexual fantasy becomes a no-brainer. There’s the cute boat boy at the yacht-club, the cable guy with bulging muscles that drops in to fix the tube, and then there’s Mister Casanova that can play your body like a cello and turn you into a boudoir soprano.

Picking your ideal man

Once you have your ideal fantasy man in mind, now you need to figure out what kind of woman he’s after and role-play this lady. Lets say that the yacht-club cutie is looking for a chick in some tight, short white skirt, with a breast clinging top.

Next, what’s the cable hunk in the mood for- a nerdy looking chick with a bob and bifocals that she can toss in an instant, just to reveal her sexy twin- the inner Playgirl? And then we have Mister Casanova, he’ll probably do anything with a vagina so all imagining is left up to you.

2. Become the star of your sexual fantasy

Here’s the super fun part. We all have an inner nympho so let her free. This inner sex kitten can take on limitless incarnations, like the sexy teacher, the dominatrix, the hooker and or the innocent chick nursing an Electra complex. You can switch your Venus persona as often as you change your thongs.

Notwithstanding, if you come up dry on these sexual fantasies, check out Nancy Friday’s “Secret Garden”, she’ll whet, if not corrupt your erotic nature.

3. Play out this sexual fantasy for your lover

If there was ever not a time to be bashful it’s when you’re asking for a raise and when you’re having sex. Remember the first time, with every new guy. Wasn’t it great!

That greatness comes from all of the sexual improvisation. You were new to your lover and your lover was new to you- remember this as you star in your real-life sexual fantasy.

Repeat this to yourself, “I am new to my lover and my lover is new to me.” Repeat this even if you’ve slept with this guy a hundred times.

So now as you’re playing the teacher, dominatrix or virgin for your lover, consider this foreplay.

Preparing for dulcet foreplay

1. Dress the part. An essential key to looking like a new lover, is dressing like one. In fact, the more odd your sexual character, and thus costume, the better. This does not mean that you go out and spend a fortune on new clothes. Just wear the ones you already have in your own closet, or you lover’s closet, in a new way. For example, put on a cocktail dress, a bathing suite, or even make a suite out of newspapers.

In all reality, your lover does not care about what you look like, what matters is the sexual intrigue you create. When you do something completely out of left field it creates mystery and sexual interest.

2. Act the part. My favorite act for foreplay is dancing. When dancing, I let myself go and focus exclusively on my lover, as if he is the only person in the entire world. Not matter what sexual fantasy I’m acting out, my lover is the audience, the only audience, and I make sure he knows it.

To illustrate acting the part, a few weeks ago, I invented the cave woman fantasy. It’s truly wild, and the costume? It’s just some old worn out clothes that I should have trashed but found better uses for. The cave woman crawls all over the floor and uncontrollably attacks her lover with kisses.

Another sexual star is the teacher. In her role, the teacher sits her lover in a chair and points out some homework that has not been done. You can make the homework the sexual fantasies that you want fulfilled. And each time you rant off an unfulfilled assignment, you tap your lover with a ruler. This constant slapping with the ruler will build a lot of useful sexual tension. Don’t let it go to waste.

3.Enjoy each moment. If you want stellar sex, stay in the moment. You stay in the moment when you have absolutely no clue what’s going to happen next. But more importantly, you stay in the moment when you focus exclusively on one thing. In this case, focus your intentions exclusively on your lover.

It may appear that you are denying yourself if you focus on your lover. You’re not. Let the attention that you give to your lover arouse you. That way, you build a love loop. You arouse your lover and his enticed response arouses you, you continue to arouse him and the cycle continues.

Alas, one man’s aphrodisiac is another man’s… well he’s probably just impotent. Sometimes your rendition of a sexual fantasy may seem like pure nonsense to your lover, then again it could be worthy of a Grammy in the eyes of your lover. The key is, change your sexual fantasies often, as often as you’d like to have fulfilling lovemaking.

100% Free Adult Amateur Films

The free adult porn market is pretty much thriving these days and more and more sites pop-up in this industry every day. The vids which they host are virtually mind-blowing and folks like them. On every single free porn page can be found a specific number of categories that will help you look for the vids that you like the most.

The grouping that in some way seems to turn me on is the Amateur. Amateur 100% free porn vids are simply astounding – there are no words and phrases in any way to explain a home made video with you and your girl making love in the craziest way possible. I absolutely am into these clips and i confess that I check out them once in a while. From them fresh approaches can be mastered for pleasing your lover better. All of these 20min clips can actually be considered as being educational vids from where you are able to understand how to do it much better, how to protect yourself and what things you mustn’t do during intercourse.

Almost all free porn amateur vids possess a little something exclusive that makes them one of the most wished-for. Looking at how unprofessional folks start kissing, touching, undressing, looking at them how they’re making real love – this stuff can’t be found in not one other free porn category and i also consider that amateur vids are worthy of the 1st place in any cost-free adult porn category countdown.

What I enjoy the most about free porn amateur vids would be the approach they’re done: through the help of a cellphone or a digicam or even using the webcam of the Personal computer or laptop computer. What I enjoy a lot more is the fact that all those people who have sex on the camera post their video on the internet, on specialized free porn webpages which host this kind of clips and can earn some cash from it… very cool! Try out such a vid on your own and hit me up – inform me what you think of it and from a scale from 1 to 10, just how great the amateur category is.

Escalating Porn Addiction and Criminal Thoughts

Pre-Internet, young addicts would steal porn magazines from the top shelves of newsagents. Post-Internet – according to my 2 years of research into porn addiction – this is tame compared to what goes through their heads to do to act out their escalating pornography addictions. Many are becoming deeply scared of their own minds and addictions. One man wrote “I have deep dark desires that I wish to fulfil which are even stronger than my porn addiction.” Another man wrote “I am severely depressed. I am now having horrible thoughts of hurting myself and my girlfriend and doing horrible violent things in general. I am 24.”

Depending upon what they have been exposed to in their journey through the bowels of Internet pornography determines what they soon begin feeling compelled to do next when they have become desensitized with purely legal acting out behaviors. Many addicts at this stage fear their next bender could tip them over the edge into doing illegal things as they begin to find it harder and harder to disassociate from the porn world.

It starts with relatively “mild” fears such as a 19 year old who wrote “I’m frightened I’ll become a pervert when I grow up. I’ve been doing porn since I was 14″ to older addicts writing things such as “I now want to see women urinating on toilets after seeing a lot of urine porn and am scared I will act out by setting up a camera in a women’s toilet”. Another (white) man wrote “It’s gotten to the point where I now fantasise that I am a white woman being raped by multiple black men as well as being one of the rapists too.”

One female porn addict wrote “It’s escalating now to an obsession with putting myself in dangerous situations so I can be raped”. Another addict who had a history of physical and sexual abuse and being degraded as a child had the desire to be “killed at the hands of a lover”.

Another 18 year old man wrote “Only drowning and suffocating porn can satisfy me now. I fear I will become a serial killer and I doubt my morality.” Equally as disturbing were the words of a young student who wrote “I’ve got to the point now where bondage videos are not violent enough to satisfy me. I sit in class and think of strangling the woman in front of me.” This man was understandably banned off the forum he wrote this on but my question is “what happened to him?”… Did he ever act out his thoughts?

Another tormented porn addict wrote “Until I saw bestiality porn, I had never wanted to be sexual with an animal. I loved animals and was brought up with them. Now I am acting out with my own dogs and want to put them up for adoption so I can stop this sexual abuse. I want to be able to view my dogs as pets – nothing more. They deserve so much better than this. I’m at breaking point.”

Other escalating pornography addicts become obsessed with being in risky situations like exposing themselves and/ or masturbating in public places. Some addicts will masturbate in back rows of theatres or picture houses or in their car when they stop at the lights. It gives them the arousal they need to be able to reach a new peak that ordinary virtual porn can no longer give them as well as giving them adrenaline hits their addiction needs. One man was being driven by his addiction to expose himself to 10-15 year olds. He wrote “I already do this with women although I pretend I don’t know they can see me. I cannot believe how damaged I am. It happens a lot when I am under pressure or stressed. If I don’t “do the deed” I get very agitated, angry and frustrated. When I do it I get relief but then shame and anger set in and I just want to lock myself away.”

Another addict wrote “I’m so worried about going to jail over all my sexual urges and ideas of the things I want to do. I’m still in school and sometimes masturbate on the bus when the urge comes on me and I can’t control it. I’m scared it will get me into some kind of legal trouble. I then watch porn all night long.”

Other addicts – after watching incest porn – have tormenting urges around family members. One 29 year old addict wrote after watching “mother and son” porn… “In my dreams now, my mother is breast feeding me. I’ve become fascinated with her breasts and am scared I’m going to act out on it and touch or grab her breasts. I also want to take photos and videos of her breasts.” Another addict wrote “I watch mother and son porn, daughter and father porn and sister and brother porn. I escalated to this and am now having intrusive incestual thoughts about my mother and other family members. I am scared I am going to act out on them. I tell myself this is the last time I am going to watch porn due to where it is taking me but I always fall back into it again – the porn. I am scared. When I was younger I was exposed to porn and re-enacted what I saw with another boy and why I am scared now.”

Another terrified addict wrote “Since being exposed to brother/ sister rape porn I have had thoughts about raping my sister. I am heading down a very dangerous and horrible road. I don’t want to be a rapist or a murderer and I certainly don’t want to do this with my sister. Now I feel incredibly awkward around her and have no emotional attachment to her anymore. I fear in the future though that porn will not be enough for me and I may actually rape someone. I really don’t want to be a monster yet I fear that may happen in the future. I’m now, as a result, having frequent suicidal thoughts.”

More disturbing is when severely escalating addicts begin to find that “adult” porn – however depraved – is no longer a big enough of an arousal to satisfy their addiction’s needs so move closer and closer to illegal pornography. One addict wrote “I constantly feel paranoid as some sites have questionable videos of what look like underage girls”. Another wrote “I take myself to the edge of legal porn and then am enticed to 100% illegal material via links that come without warning. The crossover is done in a second. There is, bottom line, no safe way to look at porn. I have to completely disengage. It’s evil shit and makes me feel suicidal… I am a compromised human who has abandoned morality. We click in our own chains while weighing down our souls by feeding off the poisonous digital imagery of unspeakable misery of the most vulnerable in our world”.

One addict on the edge of legal and illegal porn wrote this “I’m paranoid I’ll open the wrong page and get arrested as I’m paranoid I’m being watched by Big Brother. I’m paranoid I’m turning into a dirty old man. It’s no fun anymore.”

Another wrote “I don’t feel safe with myself anymore.” Their fears are because once the crossover has taken place to child pornography, they feel they have truly become “monsters”. One man wrote “I feel like a monster by who I’ve become. I AM a monster”. Another wrote “This addiction is starting to frighten me more and more. Today I googled “12 to 15 year old lesbians”. I now feel sickened and can’t believe I searched for it. Urges that can put these sorts of fantasies in your brain are pure evil.” Another addict wrote “It’s getting worse. The other night I couldn’t sleep because I downloaded something illegal” whilst another said “I’ve escalated to child porn. If I don’t stop I will end up in suicide. I was abused as a child too… ”

One man wrote “I’m beginning to stare at teenagers. I try my hardest not to but it’s tearing me apart. God spare me from my worst. This disease is the pits.” Another addict wrote “I started using porn when I was 7 or 8 and am now 41 and it is destroying my life. It started off with your every day run of the mill porn but in the last 8-10 years it’s escalated. I find myself drawn more and more to younger girls to the point where I search out illegal child pornography images on the net. I live every day in hell, fear and self loathing. I feel like an out of control monster.”

Another addict wrote “during more difficult times in my life, I need much more hardcore porn to get the same effect and I’m finding more and more that illegal stuff is in my head. My self worth is almost non-existent. I’m 18. I also pull my hair out and ignore hunger. I watch porn daily.”

And then one day, addicts become desensitized to child pornography too and begin fantasizing about acting out with children. One man wrote “I’m beginning to get really strong urges to act out. Unless I get control of it soon I’ll end up in prison.” Another addict wrote “I role play in chat rooms where I talk about hitting young girls while they’re being raped. Every time I finish I’m always ashamed but then I dismiss it because it’s the Internet and there’s much worse stuff out there but I still feel weird. Daily I watch incest porn and violent sex porn like rape. I’m also attracted to 12-13 years olds now too. Not a soul knows about my dark secrets and all my friends think I’m completely normal.”

Professor Gail Dines, Professor of Sociology at Wheelock College in Boston, who has studied both pornography addicts and the pornography industry for decades and is author of the book “Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality”, interviewed a number of men in prison who had committed rape on children and found that all the men were habitual users of child pornography. Dr Dines said in an interview with Julie Bindel of The Guardian (2nd July 2010) “What they said to me was they got bored with “regular” porn and wanted something fresh. They were horrified at the idea of sex with a pre-pubescent child initially but within 6 months they had all raped a child”.